2018 / Installation / Variable Dimensions

In this project, I shall focus on using an objective way, to represent the predecessor of the gallery space – a sugar and alcohol grocery factory manager office. I collected detailed information about how the furniture has been placed, through an interview with an ex-worker Mr. Tan. Then, I used tap measurements as the media to represent the specific position and altitude of the furniture.

Furthermore, in this rectangular room, the tiles are equally and neatly arranged on the floor, it turns the space by 45 degrees, and then creates a new space. The two spaces contrast to each other, if audiences consider the space displayed by tiles as the space they experienced at the moment. They will ignore the concrete rectangular room space and vice versa.

The tape measurements and tiles were created by two independent spaces, but influence each other. For every step the audiences take, they appear to be making a judgment and a conclusion of where one was. I pondered on the activity between the space and the audiences’ bodies, before giving any assumptions. In addition, 25863 is the manager office phone number.