What is said is seen

2018 / Installation / Variable Dimensions

When seeing a table that has been cut in half, people automatically associate it with what the original table might have looked like, instead of directly trying to understand the oblique half of the table itself.

When people attempt to read the paper that lay in the open drawer, they feel that it is readable and unreadable simultaneously. Is the problem in here the uncomfortable angle or the wrong method of attempting to read it? Also, does it make sense if they consider the diagram as the text itself?

Furthermore, a piece of questionnaire standing in the two walls is a two-dimensional word converted to a three-dimensional space. The audience needs to move their bodies and to read the questionnaire at the same time. During the process of walking across two walls, it feels as though the body movement is already starting to answer the questionnaire. In here, questions arise concerning whether the mind is reading the question first or the body.